Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art rooted in the principles of harmony.

Aikido techniques are designed to harmonize with an attacker’s force and use the energy of that force to control the attacker’s body. The energy is directed to cause the attacker to become unbalanced and controlled into a throw or to be pinned to the ground. This allows the defender to diffuse the situation at hand while doing the least amount of injury to the attacker, depending on the situation.

Aikido is studied as a martial art, not a sport. There are no competitions or contests in Aikido. It is an art studied by young and old for self-defense and self-improvement.
Through rigorous training in Aikido students can expect to increase awareness, deepen intuitiveness, build confidence and gain better control of their bodies. Students of all ages, abilities and experience practice with each other. By practicing in this manner new students can learn from more experienced practitioners and the more experienced can improve their ability to control and adapt to varying abilities and body types.